Sunday, September 12, 2010

Grand Slam: Nadal vs. Djokovic!!

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Much hype has been made about the Grand Slam title between Nadal and some Russian dude whose name is as hard to say as it is to spell, so we'll just call him Djokovic. Tensions rose as Russia's representative, Djokovic, threatened Nadal with, quote, "Going communist on his face." Whatever that may mean, it is certain to be an interesting game

An exclusive fireside interview with Nadal revealed that the young tennis star is relying on pure luck and a wild and uncontrollable swinging of a raquet will win him the title. "Wildly flailing my arms and grunting has won me stuff before," Says Rafael Nadal,"So it should win me the Grand Slam title as well, no matter how communist Djokovic goes on my face. If he goes communist on this face created with years of plastic surgery, then i'll make my signature bull fighting grunt in his face and he'll go crying home to his equal-wealth-sharing parents!"

At this time, another interview was being conducted in the room right next door with Djokovic. "Nadal's arm flailing is very impressive, i'll admit. It's earned him number one spot in the world. But i've been working at my arm flailing, and I think it's up to par with Nadal's, if not better! At the end, it's all about who ruins whose face and who flails their arms harder, faster, and better. I've also been working on my grunt, and I find that it is coming along quite well, it should be perfect within a couple of days," Says Djokovic. His calm answers suggest that he is very confident in his arm flailing and grunting.

There you have it folks, this year's Grand Slam title will be won by whoever can flail their arms wildly better and can grunt as if in pain, harder. Cast your votes and leave comments about who you think can flail their arms the best and grunt better than the other!

And good luck to both Nadal and Djokovic, may you have all the strength required to flail your arms and scratchy throats to bring your grunting to the next level!

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