Sunday, September 12, 2010

Some Stupid Little Kid Thinks His Story Will Be Published

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Some dumb little kid thinks that his story will be accepted by a publisher, sources told us yesterday. This announcement comes after the recent development of a creative writing assignment for a 7th grade English class.

The lame story, featuring a loser named Periwinkle is possibly one of the stupidest things ever to exist. I have no idea why the heck it even deserves a post about it. What is this guy's name? Hatava or something?

"The story sucks." commented the kid's Language Art's teacher, "Everybody knows that Santa's factory got shut down by OSHA due to low-light working conditions. I'm going to give him a D."

Based of data from our polls, it seems as if these ludicrous thoughts are being promoted by Hatava's friends. Especially that one loser who's always talking to him. What was his name, Varun or something?

Analysts predict that the stupid kid is in for a reality check at some point within the next 2 years. Until then, we may yet see more of this crap. Please join me, and pray that this torture ends soon.

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