Sunday, September 19, 2010

Stupid Little Kid Strikes Again With Yet Another Grade D Essay! MUST READ!!

View His Second Retarded Story Here
      So by now you must have heard of the stupid little kid as mentioned in a previous report, and are probably pondering different names by which you may refer to the stupid little kid. Well save yourself the trouble and time because no one who writes stories like these deserves a name!

      Yet another "Periwinkle" story has been leaked onto the web, and this may be on of the best (not really) ones! A classic tale of a loser longing for friends who decides to pass his time swimming in what seems to be Exxon's oil spill while attempting to add some meaning and purpose to his life, is clearly a metaphor for the author's life as well as a desperate cry for help.

      Worse yet, the author expects it to be published after his first story was turned down even before it was opened! Our sources tell us that the author, dismayed by the rejection, however expected it may have been, is working on another story in the basement of his parents house, surrounded by the beady eyes of his spiderman action figures, comic books, posters, and standees.

      We can all just offer him our pity as what seems to be pure talent gilded with worthless efforts goes to waste. We can infer that his stories have also taken some inspiration from his friend, and probably his only one, Varun, who actively contributes to the idiocy that is "Periwinkle" just as much as Hatava does.

      Message to these two *ahem* gentlemen: Get a hobby!!

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