Friday, October 1, 2010

News Flash: HHS Vs. Chandler!!!

A spectacular game was played between the Hamilton Huskies and the Chandler Wolves. The stadium was packed as spectators came to view the famous rivalry between Hamilton and Chandler.

Hamilton, a school that has been open for a little over 10 years has earned five state championships in football, whereas Chandler, a school open for more then 100 years has earned absolutely NOTHING! Hamilton has defeated Chandler 14-0, leaving Chandler football team standing in a puddle of their sweat, tears, humiliation, defeat, misery, loserdom, suckishness, incompetence, and above all, FAILURE!

An interview with the Chandler quarterback, Brett Hundley, revealed this about the Chandler strategy. "I was told to throw the brown round thingy at one of the running people who was wearing black. So I throwded it at them but it didn't stickted to their hands like our coach said it would."

Hamilton High's football team won the game with a landslide victory, making them undefeated against Chandler, 14-0, making this their 6th championship.

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