Saturday, April 2, 2011

ICC Cricket World Cup CHAMPIONS!!

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India emerged victorious after a long and intense battle against Sri Lanka. But in the end, only one team will go down in history, only one team will be able to hoist the cup over their heads, only one team will be able to claim the title. INDIA!!! With an amazingly close game, India's Dhoni pulled the team to an astounding victory with a 6 point hit, winning the game with over 10 balls left. With a final score of 277 - 274, India defeated the competition in a close game.

It remained a very close game throughout. Tensions were high, as India struggled to gain a foothold over the points to balls ratio. Each time India pulled ahead in terms of points needed to balls left, Sri Lanka struggled and strived to push the team back. But in the last 20 balls left, India, with 4 wickets, struck hard with several 4 pointers and the spectacular, game-winning 6 point! The players were exhausted, but proud and excited netherless.

Each and every player deserves to be commended for the team effort that was exhibited throughout the spectacle. Sachin Tendulkar, Mahendra Singh Dhoni (Team captain), and many others fought valiently to pull ahead of the contendors, and their strong efforts were fruitful. Let it be remembered, that on April 2, 2011, India took home the World Cup, and reclaimed their title after 28 years!!

Congratulations to EACH AND EVERY team that participated, and thank you for a spectacular performance. And Congratulations to Yuvraj for winning the Man of the tournament award. We salute you!! INDIA!!! INDIA!!! INDIA!!!

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