Thursday, December 9, 2010

Official Rejection: Cool People Discussing Video Games in Physics Class Podcast

The internet is full of useless stupid people discussing subjects that nobody actually cares. Each day, more losers add their podcasts and blogs to this huge junk pile of crap, thereby making more and more lives miserable. A new podcast, entitled Cool People Discussing Video Games in Physics Class, does absolutely nothing to prevent this coming apocalypse. Instead it furthers it, by adding the opinions of 4 losers to this mess of videos, Facebook posts, and images of kittens known as the Internet. In it, 4 random dudes ramble on about boring stuff like video games, and random stupid technology crap. Yeah, I know, it's lame. For this abject failure at life, we present the Cool People Discussing Video Games in Physics Class podcast with an Official Rejection. This indicates that it is not worth your time, so don't even bother following them on Facebook, or checking out Episode 2 or Episode 1. Trust me. It's really that bad.

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