Sunday, September 26, 2010

News Flash: HHS Vs. FHS Football Game

This picture was taken of FHS's quarterback (middle with black socks)

In an epic football game this past Friday on September 15, 2010, Hamilton High School affirmed their dominance over Fail High School. In a landslide victory, Hamilton football team took the win, and left the FHS ball-throwing cheerleaders standing in a puddle of their own tears. The linebackers towered over their pathetic opponents, causing them to squeal for their parents. The coaches attempted to comfort the losing team while the Hamilton players basked in their glory. "It isn't fair," the opposing quarterback whined, "Hamilton is just too amazing!". The final score was ∞ - 0.

An interview with Hamilton's quarterback showed that he had this to say about the game, "It was almost too easy, in fact, I think I saw one of the linebackers wet himself when he saw our water boy."

The game went for a clean victory, however, it was a very tiring experience.

The running back says, "Our team was exhausted from constant touchdowns that we had to substitute in our bench warmers to take our places. Its hard work running 100 meters every time when there's no hopes of getting tackled and getting to rest and lie on the ground for a while."

Congratulations Hamilton High football team, and better luck Fail High School!

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