Sunday, September 12, 2010

Google Unveils New Mind Based Search

Using Google MindSearch, searches can be performed by thought

This Wednesday, Google unveiled MindSearch, an extension to the standard Google search that allows users to search phrases simply by thinking it. This comes in conjunction with the much mire hyped addition of Google Instant Search, a service which displays results as users type.

Google Officials told us Thursday, that this venture was launched in an attempt to curb the time required to search for a phrase.

"The average search takes about 2 seconds." an analyst told us, "That's simply far too long. We could be spending that two seconds being the productive good citizens that most of us are. With Google MindSearch, we can drop that time to a record 0.01 seconds!"

Google MindSearch is based off a new Google API, dubbed Predict, which uses information about the user found on the web, and creates a perfect mathematical model of their brain and thoughts. MindSearch then uses this data to determine the current thoughts of the user with 100% accuracy.

Within the next month, Google plans to release ForeSearch, a browser extension that allows people to initiate a Google search before they visit the site.

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