Monday, September 27, 2010

News Flash: Homecoming - A Gathering of Alien Elites

Alien Royalty Converse at Homecoming
Homecoming, as most believe it to be, is a harmless get together where people have the opportunity to dance and socialize for $15. But further investigation brings into consideration a startlingly different view that has the potential to shatter how we view school events. Homecoming is actually a secretly orchestrated gathering of alien elites, bent on destroying the society of planet Earth. Yes it's true! Where do you think all the drugs come from?

Spies from Warped Reality Headquarters were sent to investigate this popular gathering, and have revealed that it is, in fact, a large, well thought out and planned meeting of representatives from different extraterrestraial coalitions. The gathering is actually one of a multi-species alien army. Not only is the army highly advanced technology-wise, but it also demonstrates highly specialized unit classes. JOCK - whose members are trained in long distance shooting, undoubtedly useful as snipers. DRAMA FREAK - trained to impersonate and blend in with the crowd. NERD - trained to manage the army communications and hack into government databases..

Homecoming royalty is undoubtedly a clever disguise for the alien coalition leaders to blend in with the crowd of standard students. These elite few are selected by a inter galactic democratic election, with a cover up election being held within the school with obviously fabricated results.

In an undercover interview with an elite, "Homecoming is a great way to celebrate our superiority over the human race and look forward to the planned takeover."

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